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In the year 2015: Electric buses for the City of Münster

The electric bus on the Prinzipalmarkt in Münster.

Since April 2015, electric buses can be seen on Prinzipalmarkt in Münster. The electric busses built by VDL operate on the demonstration line 14 (Maikottenweg – Hauptbahnhof – Zoo) with a route length of about 11 kilometres. Three fast charging stations at the two terminus bus stops and at the bus depot charge during the turn-around period at the end of their route. New buses, model year 2018, feature larger batteries and can go 120 kilometres instead of 50. In 2030, Stadtwerke Münster plans to operate 100 electric buses. 

The extremely high charging capacity of the system used – up to 350 kilowatts – means the battery can almost be fully loaded in five to ten minutes. There is no need to compromise regarding the comfort of passengers– quite the opposite: The capacity of the bus is 80 people, which is comparable with a diesel bus. And the air conditioning, low floor entries and passenger information systems meet the usual high standards. Furthermore, the buses are almost silent and accelerate very smoothly.

After regular operation on the demonstration line the batteries are charged at the bus depot primarily with green power from the photovoltaics facility which are placed on the roofs of the workshop and vehicle storage shed. Likewise green power is used at the terminus bus stops.

Funding from Europe and Germany
The project of 2015 is co-funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research and the Association Urban Transport Westfalen-Lippe (NWL) as well as by the European Commission under the 7th Research & Innovation Framework Programme within the ZeEUS project. ZeEUS is run by the UITP International Association of Public Transport) and aims to be the main EU activity to extend the fully-electric solution to the core part of the urban bus network. Besides cities like London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Glasgow also Münster is member of the ZeEUS consortium.

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